About the Artist

Designer - Artist
I ooze creativity. I can’t keep it in. So if I’m not painting, I’m knitting. If I’m not knitting, I’m sewing. Not sewing? Maybe I’m designing a website, blog or logo for myself or a client. One day you might find me taking ordinary photographs and turning them into unique works of art. But patchwork is simply magical for me. I never know what the end result will look like. For me, sewing patchwork is like stepping into a void with absolute faith I will be given wings to fly.

Spiritualist & Healer
I am a spiritualist, artist, author, teacher and healer. I have spent my life studying natural healing techniques, herb lore, essential oils, psychology, world religions, history, divination, and just about everything related to the health and wholeness of the mind, body and soul. In addition to my knowledge and skills at herbal healing and remedy preparation, I am a Master Healer in the methods of Usui Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Violet Flame and Chakras.

I was also an advisor to the esteemed Holistic Health and Healing Arts School, Brutus of Windhorse, until the passing of its founder, Helen Solarz.

Knowledge, wisdom, intuition, creativity and a bit of magic go into all of my products and services.

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